Virtually all of the railroad herald pins and patches sold in the United States are made in Taiwan, Korea or China. These pins are sold for a relatively low price and are of inferior quality due to:

1. Inadequate research and adherence to the actual railroad design (either mere approximations of the real design, or a perpetuation of inaccurate artwork as done by others).
2. The use and application of incorrect colors.
3. Poor utilization of processes available.
4. Sloppy workmanship.

When these are made, the manufacturer gives little thought to following the original designs - they use computer fonts that are "close", details are simplified and other compromises are made to ease the manufacturing process and to make the products cheaply.

Sundance Marketing railroad pins and patches are thoroughly researched and are produced by the finest pin and patch maker in the Orient. In order to accurately depict railroad designs and other logos, we insist on strict adherence to the prototype and have developed some unique processes not found elsewhere in order to make our products look "right".

Other manufacturers have tried copying our pins and patches in an attempt to "get it right". We should be honored that they view our products as worthy of copying! However, their efforts to produce quality pins and patches based on our designs and techniques have resulted in more poorly done items on the market! Our goal from the beginning (over 34 years) was to produce the very best pins and patches on the market (so no one could do better) - and we succeeded!

The only way that other railroad pin manufacturers can compete with us is on price - they can't compete on quality! Yes, they may sell you their railroad items cheaper, but you can tell the difference! That is why our products continue to be the most popular and sought-after railroad pins and patches available.


Sundance                  "Brand X"

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Sundance                  "Brand X"

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Our railroad pins and patches are available through better local hobby shops, tourist railroad gift shops, railroad museums, rail excursion operators, historical societies, dinner-train operators and railway station gift shops.   They are also available directly from Sundance Marketing Inc.

We are now in the process of updating our complete line of railroad pins - they will be even better than before! We will also be phasing in a new rubber clutch fastener. This is much more secure than the older metal "butterfly" clutch. No more lost pins!

Our current catalog can be viewed or downloaded from this website: Sundance Marketing Railroad Pin Catalog
or Sundance Marketing Railroad Patch Catalog.

All pins are $5.50 each. Patches are $3.50 each. - send check or Money Order in U.S. funds.  VISA and MasterCard accepted by fax, mail or e-mail (signature required).  Shipping address must be the same as credit card billing address.

For any number of pins or patches ordered, include $3.00 for shipping in the U.S., $8.00 for shipping to Canada or $20.00 for shipping to foreign countries.

We are
not set up to accept orders on-line at this time.

Print out our catalog order form:
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